Why I teach

Dance, for me, is a union of a person with his interior. It is a communion with yourself, with others, with the environment and with life. One can understand life through dance. I believe the dance class is a time to enjoy, work, think and increase one’s self-confidence. I search for what is essential and I look to reconnect people with the joy of dance. I try to bring out their potential and the passion that every interpreter has. I love to work in an atmosphere of creativity, respect, responsibility, honesty, independence and freedom. As a choreographer and teacher I am dedicated and demanding in the search for each dancer’s individual voice. I want not only to teach movements, but also to have the dancers rediscover why they dance, and what they dance.

My love, dedication and passion for the people and the art of dance have caused me to travel widely and have rich experiences teaching, dancing and choreographing in different countries. — Anabella Lenzu

Barre a Terre (open level)

at Peridance Capezio Center (126 East 13th Street, between 3rd and 4th Ave)

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Find your inner-strength; develop & improve alignment and technique; explore and learn how to efficiently use your body and your energy in a healthy way as instruments of your expression. Through this class, you can increase flexibility and strength, overcome physical difficulties and incorrect posture, and acquire physical awareness to help prevent injuries. Open to all levels of experience.

WHY STUDY BARRE A TERRE? To know more read Anabella's Article


at Peridance Capezio Center (126 East 13th Street, between 3rd and 4th Ave)

FRIDAYS 10am-11:30am 

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Expand your craft, technique and creativity in an exclusive, personalized, classes. This is an opportunity for dancers, actors and performers to develop their potential on both movement and theater performance skills and connect both to become more authentic, expressive performers. 

This class explores the principle: Motion Creates Emotion /Emotion Creates Motion, and emphasizes the use of imagination, interpretation and body coordination and control. 

DANCE TECHNIQUE Students develop alignment technique and an understanding of the dynamic in dance. Increase flexibility and strength as well as to develop muscular awareness in order to prevent injuries. Using phrases of repertory, students solve technical problems, using fundamentals of ballet and modern dance techniques. Proper technique is the foundation for learning to dance and control the body, showing how to use one’s muscles, achieve balance, and become aware of posture and placement. 

REPERTORY Students experience and study Anabella Lenzu / DanceDrama repertory. The emphasis is on the journey rather than the destination, on understanding the impulses generated by movements and gestures. The search is for authentic and honest movement. Derived from our most basic impulses, these dance works use this principle to examine relationships between the individual and society, exploring communication, identity, memory, and spirituality, the relationship between people and their environment, the struggle for women’s identity and their role in society, and the nobility of the body as a temple for our mind, soul, and heart.