Unveiling Motion and Emotion

Writings by Anabella Lenzu with photography by Todd Carroll

Exploring the importance of dance, community, choreography and dance pedagogy, Argentinean Choreographer Anabella Lenzu celebrates 20 years of teaching dance in a book of her writings in Spanish and English. Having opened her own dance school at 18, Lenzu recounts her experiences teaching in South America, Europe, and the US, as well as publishing an arts magazine and creating repertory for her dance company. Lenzu's eloquent prose reveals reflections of a life devoted to dance performance and education. Photography by Todd Carroll fully documents the performances and provides a glimpse into the creative process. This book is an inspiration to dancers and teachers alike, and the first of its kind as a bilingual text on dance pedagogy. 

Unveiling Motion and Emotion received an Honorable Mention in the category of Best Art Book/ Spanish or Bilingual from the International Latino Book Awards in San Francisco as part of the American Library Association Conference in June 2015.       

Though readings and performances, Unveiling has been presented at private and public institutions in USA including: Argentinean Consulate in New York, Wagner College, Lehman College, Casita Maria, Bluestockings Bookstore, Dance New Amsterdam, The Cornelia Street Cafe, Nuyorican Poet Cafe, Instituto Cervantes, Bronx Museum, Figment Festival, Bernie Wohl Art Center and City Reliquary Museum. In Argentina Unveiling was presented at Centro Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires and Centro Historico y Cultural de la Universidad Nacional del Sur en Bahia Blanca.

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The narrative style of Lenzu tends toward the poetic and sometimes metaphysical. Sometimes it offers beautiful images like the great pioneers of Dance, Martha Graham or Mary Wigman, provided to their dancers and students.”
— -DanceEurope, London
“Lovely images, expressive language, and layout divided into Spanish and English, carry us on a journey first to Argentina, then onward through three continents in search of the creative process......I highly recommend this book as a source within the dance curriculum.”
— Colleen Dean/ Dance Arts Now! NDEO, USA

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