Outreach programs

The girls I saw taking her class had a warmth and happiness that is uncommon. There was something extraordinary going on and they knew it.
— Periodico de la Mujer (Buenos Aires /Argentina)

Anabella Lenzu / Dance Drama provides a complete educational program of activities from one day up to 2 weeks, which may be tailored to fit a specific schedule and/or institution’s request. Different types of programs are described at right.

Lenzu works with joy, challenging students technically, teaching passion and discipline and demanding a strong individual performance and cohesive ensemble work.

Areas of Expertise include Dance Theater, Modern DanceBallet TechniqueCompositionAL/DD RepertoryTango and Italian Folk Dance

Lecture Topics may include:

DANCE THEATER "History, Origin and Evolution of Dance Theater around the World"
MODERN DANCE "History, Origin and Evolution of Modern Dance around the World"
COMPOSITION "The Intimate Creative Process of Choreography"
TANGO "History, Origin and Evolution of Argentine Tango"
ITALIAN FOLK DANCE "Ritual, Origins and Evolution of Southern Italian Folk Dance"


Residencies of 1-2 weeks are available, and may be structured to meet the demands of different environments. Residencies of at least 2 weeks may also include Lenzu setting a piece from Anabella Lenzu / Dance Drama repertory or/and choreographic commissions in performing arts high schools or universities.

Master classes

Master classes run between 1.5 and 3 hours and are an excellent way to expose dancers or students to diverse approaches to dance. Master classes on any topic may be designed to meet the needs of the particular environment.


AL/DD provides workshops from one day up to 2 weeks, and may be tailored to fit specific levels, schedules and/or institution’s requests. Workshops are designed to suit the individual needs of the venue. They may be eclectic, introducing participants to different styles and subjects, or cumulative, building up a base of knowledge over the course of the workshop.

Workshops include: Dance Theater, Choreography & Improvisation, AL/DD Repertory, Modern Dance, Ballet, Barre a Terre, Argentinean Tango & Italian Folk Dance.


A Lecture/Demonstration is an excellent opportunity to engage, stimulate and teach audiences about a variety of different themes. We offer age-appropriate programs from primary school to the university level.

During the Lecture/Demonstration, Lenzu alternates between speaking, showing videos/photo projections and movement demonstrations.


Intended to be informal; Lenzu will speak about the evening’s performances, and generally includes the following topics:dance history, personal experience and repertory -and most importantly- the process of research and composition that sustains her choreographic work. These discussions open the door to new readings and possible interpretations of the performance and the artist’s voice.