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UPCOMING EVents 2019  


The night that you stopped acting/ La noche que dejaste de actuar, is a one-woman show which both questions and affirms the reality of being a creator, an artist, and a spectator. It's a reexamination of five key pieces of my repertory as well as an investigation of the very nature of the creative process, asking: "If a work of dance is created in the here and now, what happens when the here and now changes? How do the changes of our circumstances, our lives, and our bodies, alter our approach as dancers and choreographers?" These are the questions from which the show was born.
My work reflects my experience as a Latina/European artist living in New York and comes from a deep examination of my motivations as a woman, mother and immigrant.

Choreographer and Dancer: Anabella Lenzu

Direction: Daniel Pettrow

Technology advisor: Todd Carroll

Dramaturgy: Naoko Maeshiba

Light Designer: Hao Bai

Mentor: Kate Valk

  • Sunday, October 27th at 3pm: Fundraiser Event and Work-in-Progress of my new solo work “The night that you stopped acting/La noche que dejaste de actuar” at CPR (Center for Performance Research, 361 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211).

    Tickets $20/ $15 students


“No more beautiful dances” wrestles with the ideas of exploration, introspection and reframing a woman after becoming a mother, and being an inmigrant. Lenzu’s dance film uses spoken word and drawings to tell a personal vision of femininity, and what it means to be a woman today.

Director, Choreographer and Dancer: Anabella Lenzu

Cinematographer & Editor : Angelo Vasta

Acting Director & Voice Coach: Daniel Pettrow

Technology advisor: Todd Carroll