I am writing Teaching Dance through Meaningful Gestures as a companion to my first book, Unveiling Motion and Emotion. My first book was a memoir that shared my experiences as a dance artist; Teaching Dance through Meaningful Gestures will be a deeper exploration of training, and artistic realization.

Teaching Dance through Meaningful Gestures  will be released in 2020.

Teaching Dance through Meaningful Gestures explores basic exercises, visualization exercises, active imagination and artistic application. I explore how technique is a philosophy and a theory, and how the body is an instrument for expression.

Teaching in three languages has had a profound effect; I have found clear explanations, metaphors, and stories that communicate my approach to training. I am writing to foster dialogue and community between the three cultures that I have been a part of, to share the knowledge and experience I've gained over the last 29 years, and to advocate the need for thoughtful dance training. This text will be accompanied by Todd Carroll’s photographs, and drawings by Anabella to illustrate the exercises.

This book will serve current and future dancers and teachers as they continue to train and explore the professional world of dance. It is my hope that my experiences can guide young dancers as they embark on their own journeys. 

Dancers must make their gestures meaningful.