Motion creates emotion / Emotion creates Motion

This is the principle that drives my work.

This goes hand in hand with the concept  “Every gesture is expressive of something…It is preceded by and given birth by a thought, a feeling, an emotion, a purpose, a design or a motive.”  -Delsarte

The relationship with my dancers and students is by nature profound.

I search for each dancer’s individual voice, bringing out their potential & creativity. I love to work in an atmosphere of creativity, respect, responsibility, honesty, independence and freedom.  I work with artists that have a deep necessity to express themselves and explore the language of dance as an instrument to awaken the audience to a new reality where feelings, thoughts and spirits are challenged.

My commitment with people, dance and communities is strong and evident in the 24 years of working in Argentina, Chile, Italy and US.  Through Anabella Lenzu /DanceDrama, my goal is to build cultural dialogues with other communities and form a medium that unites, educates and enriches people's life. As a choreographer and teacher I am dedicated and demanding.  I search for what is essential and I look to reconnect people with the joy of dance.

I am looking for a respectful dialogue with the audience.

I'm not interested in admiration, my search is for understanding.

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Dance is union and communion with ourselves, with others and with the environment.

I celebrate, meditate, respond, protest, explore, scream, cry and laugh about life through dance.  I interact with the time and space in which I live. My work is: intimate, audacious and historically/socially conscious. I testify to life through dance. 

I use dance to inform the audience about the role of the individual in society, and make the audience experience, feel, think and emote.

The black box theatre allows me to shatter preconceived ideas about life and momentarily transcend awareness of our present condition.

My repertory consists of solo work as well as ensemble pieces influenced by the flavor of ethnographic folk traditions, ballet and traditional modern dance.  Francoise Delsarte, Isadora Duncan, Mary Wigman, Doris Humphrey, Jose Limon, Martha Graham, Anna Sokolow, Maurice Bejart and my husband Todd Carroll are sources for my continual inspiration. 

From this history, I am creating a vocabulary of meaningful movement that springs directly from emotions with visceral strength.  I organize layers of character driven drama, and break apart quotidian social gestures.

I am building a repertory that offers a unique perspective, and testifies to the following themes:
• The relationship between the individual and society: communication, identity, memory and spirituality.
• The relationship between People and Environment.
• Women’s concerns and beliefs. The struggle for her identity and role in society.
• The nobility of the body as a temple for our mind, soul and heart.