L’Atelier also offers

• Specialized trainers.
• Studios where students can perform their own choreography.
• A video library of Dance performances.
• Courses and seminars for students and professionals in Bahia Blanca and throughout the country.
• Dance Therapy workshops
• Preparatory classes for students entering school.
• Workshops from national and international teachers.
• Choreography consultation and direction for performances including Ballet, Modern, Tango, etc.
• The opportunity to audition for the L’Atelier Ballet Contemporaneo, participate in premiere performances in Bahia Blanca and on tour.
• The opportunity to participate in performances throughout the city, province, nationally and internationally.
• Performances for parties and theatrical shows.


Juan Molina 662
(8000) Bahia Blanca
Pcia .Buenos Aires

E-mail: latelier_ccd@hotmail.com 

Blog: http://pamelalenzu.wordpress.com

L’Atelier Centro Creativo de Danza

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25 years of Commitment, Awareness and

Education at the highest level

Anabella Lenzu

Artistic Director 
Pamela Lenzu

Founded in 1994 to promote dance as an expression of art, integrating the physical, aesthetic and creative aspects in dance. A need arose in Bahia Blanca, and in Argentina, for a space where Dance and Creativity could merge, where one could learn how to integrate the head and the heart with the soul.

Our Proposal 
To dance artistically and teach dance as a discipline and expression of Art leading to the perceptive, physical, aesthetical and creative development of the whole person. 

At L’Atelier
• We educate people to discover their own aptitudes on their own, or with the help of a teacher who can help guide them as they grow.
• We instruct people to acquire dexterity or technical ability (in this case the technique of dance is only a tool for expression). 

Courses include Ballet and Repertory, Choreography, Modern Dance (Graham & Limon technique), Flamenco, Tango, Argentinean Folk Dances, Modern Jazz, History of Dance, Pedagogy, French, Anatomy and Analysis of Movement.

• 2002 The L’Atelier Ballet Contemporaneo and the youth Flamenco group were awarded special mentions in the D.I.J. Festival at the Borges Cultural Center in Buenos Aires. 
• 1997, 1998 The Republic of Chile awarded L’Atelier various prizes for Cultural Improvement. L’Atelier traveled to Chile on special invitation from the Chilean Secretary of Culture to perform and teach in many cultural centers including Ovalle, Monte Patria, Combarbalá, Cerrillo de Tamaya.
• 1994 L’Atelier’s youth group received 1st Prize in the Jazz category in Bahia Blanca’s Aerobic Fitness Show.